Odoo for Manufacturing Management


Better productivity, more profit

Have access to all your management systems from one platform. 

Your job can sometimes be challenging, our mission is to make it easier.

After analyzing your business processes, challenges and needs, we will implement and customize Odoo to connect it to all the applications and functionalities your job requires.

We'll help you benefit from automated tasks, streamlined processes and real-time data analysis. This will directly increase your performance rates and push you closer to achieving your business goals.

Odoo ERP modules for maufacturing management

Here are a few examples of the Odoo ERP applications you can use:

  • Bill of materials management system allows you to define, manage, and track the components and materials needed for production.
  • Work orders system to track the production process, cost, resource allocation and the scheduling of work.
  • Production planning systems to manage your production schedules, resources, and materials to ensure that they meet customer demand.
  • Quality control system to monitor and improve product quality, including inspections, non-conformance reporting, and corrective action management.
  • Inventory management system to track inventory levels, manage stock movements, and optimize inventory operations.
  • Purchasing management system supports the procurement process, including RFQ management, supplier evaluation, and purchase order management.
  • Sales management system to help you manage your customer orders.
  • Accounting and financial management system to manage all your finances.

Yes, you can improve your performance with less stress.

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